Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing

Sorry ladies, no new jewelry this week. Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. It is already Tuesday, and today I spent running around like a chicken without a head. (Well, wasn't that a gross image I put in your heads? My mother always said that, and I guess I adopted the phrase!) Well, I was a chicken with a list at least. Thursday we leave for Philly. So much to do!! This trip was planned way in advance of moving, and it is my holiday present from last December! I am really looking forward to it. And I am looking forward to coming home. Now there's a first!!! Usually I just want to stay wherever I am, and send for the dogs and a few treasured belongings and chuck the rest! But I LOVE living here!!!

Today I found out there is no photography allowed in the Tut exhibition. (sad face here)Not that I think my photos would be that spectacular anyway. Dim lights and glass cases usually prove a photographic disaster for me! So don't go looking for spectacular Egyptian artifact photos. I'm sure you can find great ones on a website someplace! I'll see if I can take a few here and there just to prove where I was!! Ha ha!

I can show you this picture though! My NEW dust mop. It is a crazy individual that gets excited over a mop and it is just like the ones Kim and Aggie use on "How Clean Is Your House?".

Have I mentioned I am obsessed with that show. (well really obsessed with BBC America in general!) Has anyone seen it??? I love how they solve these household dilemmas with all natural, found around the house products. I think I even have Mark hooked on it. There was a marathon on Sunday afternoon. How fun!!!

I just love my new home. Oh yah, I said that already! It was so QUIET over the holiday weekend. It was BLISS!!!!

Maybe a quickie update tomorrow and then more over the weekend.

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