Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's All About Energy!

Well, we have been in the new home an entire week and already the energy shift is amazing. Although I realized it while we were living in the "old" house, I never really understood just how NEGATIVE that place was until I went to live someplace else. If you are sensitive to energy, you know just what I mean. Just driving down the street you could feel the negativity, nastiness, jealousy. All those negative emotions that you don't like, bam, they were all there. It was a good house, really, but I am so glad to be free of it. I feel so much lighter, more creative, free. That's lighter in spirit because I am still trying to work of that month long take out extravaganza when I was too tired from packing to cook!! :)

Anyway, slowly things are settling in. "HRH Lucy" has now come around (on HER own terms) and has begun to check out the house. You cannot make that dog do anything. Whoever said pugs aim to please their owners was full of it! She has to do it on HER own. Isn't she a DIVA??? I'm getting unpacked a bit slower than I had planned because of the hip, but it's all good. The house looks fine in case someone stops over and the hip is healing. And hey, it has only been a week after all!!!

Let's see, what does everyone have planned for the long weekend??? Me?? It's just unpacking and getting ready to go to Philadelphia on Thursday, and oh yah, the Dr. Who Marathon today!! It starts at 1 pm and goes for about 13 hours. OK, there is no way I am going to make all 13 hours, but I will try to catch some of it at least. And this is the NEW Who, not the old stuff from BBC/PBS. (which I like too!!)

Remember me talking about my "We've Moved" announcements??? Well, I snapped a quick picture the other day and thought I would share. I am pretty pleased about how they turned out and got lots of comments about them. The flower design is embossed in chocolate brown for some fun texture and I added the picture of the house for my out of state friends and SIL, so they could see! Most of the supplies (including the stamp) came from the Paper Source. They have nice products and excellent customer service. I would definitely order from them again! I did enjoy making them and think I will create more paper goods int he future. It was a nice creative break from packing!

Have a great weekend! More later.......

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