Saturday, September 15, 2007

Darla's Tale and a PSA

Wow, yesterday was some day! Mark had the afternoon off and we planned on going to IKEA to order the furniture for the sun porch (which is a story for another day). We got back earlier than I had anticipated, so I decided to do a little gardening and cleaning up after the heavy rain last week before we went to dinner. (Ok Norma, you can stop laughing now!) But we can talk about my "pachysandra woes" later........

I was sitting on the ground in knee deep in the muck, when I heard tires squealing and a loud boom, and shrieking. OMG, no! We do live on a busy street and I cannot even see the street from my front yard as there is a lot of woods in the front so I had no idea what got hit (Remember how I like my privacy??). I ran to the street and saw my neighbor standing next to a big black dog who was hit by the car. The poor thing. I got down and started to take a look at her, and speaking softly, apparently won her trust. She was banged up pretty bad. She had no tag, but a collar. No one knew who she belonged to. We ended up calling the police. Sadly, even he did not know what to do with her. He asked what kind I thought she was and when I answered, he would NOT come near her at all, even though she tried to wag her tail! Great. BUT, he did have a friend who was a large animal vet and she was down the street at the horse farm. She and I loaded her into the cop car and sent her to the local animal hospital. All that was going through my mind was I will keep her (!) if no one claims her. She was so sweet and gentle, even though she was hurting pretty badly. At one point she even was nuzzled in my lap!!

Well, this sweet girl was running with the neighborhood dog "Bear", and Bear was with my husband in the garage. Last thing we needed was two injured dogs. Lucky for Bear, his collar had a name on it and a rabies tag from the animal hospital. The cop called it in for us, and we began to trace the dog. After another neighbor saw us, she said she knows the dog, and we walked it home. That man knew the black dog's owners and ironically are my "closest" neighbors. I walked over and told her about the dog. Wow, that was hard. I assured her that the dog will be ok, and probably will need surgery. All this time, as I am meeting the new neighbors for the first time, I am in ragged clothes, gardening gloves, with FLAT as a pancake hair and sweating, covered in dog blood. Who is that pretty girl in the mirror there??? At least IF I have to meet them, let me look nice. And you all know how I feel about neighbors! I could live here 20 years and not know them and it would be fine by me!

So I finally make it home, and Mark says we can stop at the hospital on the way home from dinner (we are also clients there too) so I see her to make sure she is ok. After all I would not be able to sleep at night if I didn't know how she was doing. Come to find out, the leg I would have sworn was broken, was not, but the poor thing had a puncture lung and broken ribs. She is there having surgery right now. The owner was so upset, but I finally found out the name of the black dog, Darla.

Now, what's a PSA (no it is not a blood test for your prostate!) you may be asking? It is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! Does your pet have a collar??? If so, is there a name tag and phone number on it?? If not, put one on NOW! If the tags bother you with the noise, at least get one of those dog collars that have a name and number embroidered on. Remember the tag is your pet's ticket home. If the MSPCA got called for Darla, she might have been "put down" as a badly injured stray. Or the local vet clinic might not treat her without an owner to pay. So, get a tag on your pet!!!

Needless to say, I am really tired this morning. I was up in the middle of the night because I couldn't get the noise of the impact out of my head! I have a order to finish today and some web site stuff to do! I can't wait to show you what I have been working on! :) And oh yes, new jewelry too!

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Unknown said...

What a tale! Darla was very fortunate that you were out gardening.