Tuesday, August 21, 2007

But they had a band.

So, the only difference between this experience and the sinking of the Titanic was they had a band. I would love to say that while my experience was a quick one (started the day after Memorial Day and will end up BEFORE Labor Day), it has really not be pleasant. Lots of reasons why that cannot be discussed now, or for some of them, in public, but let me just sum it up that if I make it to next Monday without b*#ch slapping someone, it will be a miracle.

I just thought I should post a little something here, to let you know I'm alive, and not buried up to my neck in boxes like Lucy here:

Hey, how cool is that, I actually figured out how to post the video, not just a link! Cool!!!

Well, break time is over for me now. The coffee is kicking in and I better finish packing up the kitchen! By this time tomorrow, I will own my new house!!!

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