Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Savin' My Sanity

So I'm savin' my sanity, in between boxing up my stuff and cleaning up the house, by crafting. Who ever thought crafts would save me from going crazy?? Now, the house is usually clean but you know, dog hair. Pug hair is coarse and seems to get in every crack and crevasse. I am going to be a nice seller and make sure the house is clean for the new people. Did I ever talk about the condition of the house when I moved in??? OY. It had not seen a broom or a cleansing agent in MONTHS!!! Bleach is a good thing. Bleach is your friend. It was nasty. So nasty, I stood and cried. I can't do that to someone. And I couldn't live in it dirty for the remainder anyway!!!

So what am I making??? I designed some "We've Moved" announcements and am working on getting them together. They involve cutting and pasting and embossing. Good ol' brain clearing fun!!! I will be sure to get a picture of them when I am done! I got all the supplies here, at the Paper Source. I cannot say enough good things about them. The customer service is wonderful!

And I am also reading. Book review coming up. And knitting. Read about that here. And oh yah, trying to make some jewelry so you will have something new to look at!!!

Ok, back to packing, break time is over!!!!

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