Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Root of the Problem

I finally figured out what my problem is. Flip Flops (I used to call them "thongs" until underwear took over that name and now it is kind of embarrassing to call them such.) I wore them the ENTIRE time I was moving. Why??? I hate shoes. Yup. If I am in the house, guaranteed I am barefoot. Even in the dead of winter.

So yesterday, I unpacked my requisite amount of boxes, and scooted to WalMart for some supplies. Wore the flops. Took the dogs out, wore the flops. Went to the Post Office, flops again. I should know better. Many years of classical dance training, aerobic teaching and just plain abuse has shot out these 40 year old legs! I paid the price last night. I was in agony again. Today I am packing up the flops and getting rid of them. Ok, I cannot part with them, but I am hiding them for the remainder of the season (good thing there is not much of the season left!) and force myself to where "Crocs" or "clogs" or some other shoe with support.

Right now, I am barefoot but you best believe when I run to Target, I will have on my comfy Crocs. I might even treat myself to a new color over the weekend as some incentive! What color should I get???

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Bertha said...

I don't know what color you already have, but if it was me I'd get orange! So bright and cheerful! Also would look great in the fall with some jeans and handknit socks!