Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Part Two of How I spent my fortieth birthday.

OK, Part two of the NYC birthday extravaganza.....

We saw two shows. The first show was "Deuce". Down front, with Angela Lansbury and Monica Seldes. Play by Terrence McNally. 'Nuff said. It was fabulous. Every play I have ever seen by him has been great and this was no exception. Worth the price of admission alone to see Ms. Lansbury and to hear her swear. No really, she was hilarious!!

I saw/heard some unbelievable things while we were waiting though. One, Ray Flynn was sitting behind us. Mark does not believe it, but hey, I'd know the former mayor of Boston anywhere. And then there were the people behind us, why were they there??? The show is about tennis, after all it is called "Deuce". Even I figured that out, and I am not great sports enthusiast. One lady says to the other, "Oh, there is a paragraph on tennis scoring in the playbill. This MUST be about tennis". DUH. Nothing like going to the theater prepared. These two were definitely Rhodes scholars!!! And lastly, just when I thought I have seen it all. The woman next to Mark, right before the curtain goes up, whips a toothpick out of her bag and proceeds to pick her teeth. No wait, PICK HER TEETH with the precision of a dental hygienist. Each tooth, top and bottom, in between each one, digging like she was digging a ditch. OK, we were sitting up front but did she think the actors could see her teeth that closely from the stage???? I burst out laughing, I couldn't help myself. File that under nasty.

So, would the lady sitting in Row seat 103 of Thursday night's performance of Deuce, please learn proper manners on oral hygiene. Thank you.

The next show was "Curtains". And for the first time ever, I left the theater at intermission. It was bad people, really bad. OK, the music lyrics and choreography were awful and I can live with that. After all, I survived both Les Miz and Phantom. (please don't send me nasty comments, you know what those shows really are!) But what really, really made me cringe was David Hyde Pierce's fake ass Boston accent. People should know by now, if you aren't from here, please don't try. It was a cross between his "Niles Crane", a British accent, and punctuated by words like "chowdah" and "cah". Every time he said something, I let out an audible sigh. Apparently, I am the ONLY human being not liking the show because the reviews are all great. Go figure. I am getting too old to sit through bad theater. So we booted out and hit the NEW Juniors near Times Square!!! Ahhhhh....... I tell you, that salvaged the evening.

Nothing like cheesecake (no crust, thank you very much) and an egg cream to make you forget about some bad theater!!! (What?? You have never had an egg cream??? Get some syrup and seltzer and make one NOW!!!) And oh yah, you can mail order the cheesecakes now. Guess what I am serving this Thanksgiving for dessert???? :)

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