Saturday, August 25, 2007

The New House.

Ok, I'm in our new house. Here's me, putting the key in the lock for the first time! And there is no shot of me standing outside the house because I had on a yucky t shirt and yoga pants. (Have I ever mentioned I refuse to leave the house in sweatpants or any other type of workout wear????)
This is the LAST time I will ever move. No matter what goes on around me we will stay and put down roots. We are too old for this. No seriously, I feel really old today! That is probably because I did some damage to my back over the last week or so. Adrenaline (the fight or flight hormone) is a great thing when you are outrunning a lion in the jungle, but when it makes you move and go beyond your means, not a good thing. We lifted, washed, unpacked, lifted some more and lifted again! My back has been in spasm all day. The kind of spasm that makes you scream out loud. I am grateful today for muscle relaxers, my new jacuzzi tub (that fits a small army in it) and my friend who is a massage therapist. Both Mark and I have appointments with her on Monday!!!

The movers were AWESOME!!! I loved each and everyone of them. They worked with a smile and never said one word about the MASSIVE amount of books I own or the fact they had to disassemble my computer desk to make it fit through the door, and reassemble it in the studio! The Comcast guy, not only hooked up my NEW digital cable boxes (am I fully immersed in the 20th century or what??), he helped me with my computer, AND hooked up my DVD player too!!! What a guy!! All I can say is I now get the BBC channel!!! HOORAY! :)

Am I unpacked?? Almost. I unpacked the kitchen, bathrooms and linen closet. The studio is sorta unpacked. I just cannot lift anything until the spasming goes away, but it'll get done. The girls are adjusting well, all except for Lucy that is. She refuses to come out into the kitchen. If I pick her up and put her on the floor, she shakes and heads for my bedroom. The poor girl. This is how she spends her day, looking at us through the safety of the hallway. Hopefully her stubborn streak will go away and she will join us soon in the new kitchen!

So tomorrow we close on our old house. (and then I can fill you in on the neighbors!!) I am glad to see it go. It was our first house, and it was a good house, it was just past it's expiration date in our lives. Onward to bigger and better things! Hopefully now, the stress level can decrease, along with my expanding waistline from all the take out food over the past month. I feel very blessed to have sold my house in this horrible market, and believe me I am grateful!!!

More later.......

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Bertha said...

Wow!! So exciting! Congratulations on the new home! - I also saw the doggie sweater, what a saint your pup must be to consent to modeling in this weather! :)