Monday, August 13, 2007

Can you say Worcester???

Oh I guess I should post a little something here today. Not much happening besides packing which is not going to bad. (Remember people, FLY LADY!!)

And online friend today mentioned she might be moving to Boston. I felt the need to warn her of this:
Hey it will be here soon!! It is pretty. Ok, until about the third time you shovel the driveway and then you want Spring. And Mark also wanted me to warn her of the new vocabulary she will need to survive. I sent here this. I spent the afternoon reading and laughing. Honestly, Bostonians aren't bad, but we do have our own language (although I think most places have their own sayings and colloquialisms). Mark is from Colorado and I remember once before we were married handing him a list for the "packie" that I needed for a dinner party. He looked at me, all puzzled. "What's a packie"??? (Um, that's a package store, or liquor store if you don't know!!!) I still chuckle over that. He has become much better with the lingo, but he still needs to learn to say "pahk" correctly!

And I will also need to retrain her to drive. It always amazes me that when we drive in other parts of the country NO ONE uses their horn!! What's up with that. 3 seconds and the light changes, no one moves, HONK!!! Don't just sit there!! Only kidding. Well, I am impatient sometimes......

And lastly, say Worcester. It's Wurstah. :)

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