Monday, August 06, 2007

Best Day EVER - or how I spent my fortieth birthday!

Ok, the Trip, Part One. It is a quick trip but I have to say I packed quite a bit in those three days!!! I have to say it was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!! No really. I will admit Mark is really great with the gifts. So this year for the BIG 4-0 I got a DAY at the Cornelia Day Resort. Not just a treatment, a DAY!!! In my opinion, the PERFECT way to usher in ones' forties! The spa is everything they say it is and more! They really made you feel pampered and just like a celebrity! Cornelia really thought of everything when she created this spa! The amenities were incredible!

I started here, in the "Relaxation Library", where a sign says "Embrace the Silence" and so I did!!!
Then I had a soak in the European tub with Algae while I sipped on spring water and ate berries dipped in honey. I really would love to have one of these tubs in my house. Honestly I could have sat in there all day!

Then I was buffed to a shine and had an algae body wrap for the first time. You know it wasn't that bad once I lost my inhibitions. Although it did feel weird to be wrapped up in plastic like a mummy! I had lunch on the roof top deck complete with champagne!!!

Then I finished with a massage and manicure and pedicure in their salon. I even saw David Evangelista and I was watching him (although trying not to make it seem obvious), do a hair cut!! Kind of neat because I had seen him on TV so many times!!!

(And no, I didn't take these pictures...... I swiped them from the website
but since I am saying only NICE things, somehow I don't think they'd mind!! )

So, I'm completely relaxed and rubbed, buffed and polished to a high gloss!!! Tomorrow, I'll give you a complete food and show review!!! (We saw two and we ate ALOT!!) After that, it's back to business!!! :)

Later in the day..... I guess there has been some trouble viewing the pictures.....I uploaded them again, I guess it was blogger trouble!!! Sorry about that! I could see them fine until just a little while ago!


Bertha said...

Wow, that sounds heavenly! I hope you had a really awesome 40th! Sounds like it was a nice break from the trauma of house selling!

Salaam & Shanti Bariatric Yoga said...

Sounds absolutely wondermous. Happy 40th!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Happy Belated B-day