Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who likes Boggle??

Now you too can be like Peggy Hill and be a Boggle Champ!

I was blog surfing the other day and came across that Web Boggle site. It should come with a warning because it is very addictive!!! It made me laugh because all I could think of is Peggy Hill when she went to Houston to try for the State Boggle Championship. Who did she beat?? Anyone???

BIG CHANGES are in the works on the West End Designs website! I spent the morning doing some behind the scenes work! I think you will like what you see. Of course I am keeping the blog. I like to blog! Look for the changes in September!

Just a quick update today, and now, back to boggle!!


Anonymous said...

You are evil, evil I say!

Actually, I've never played, but I could see it being one of those internet time wasters that I get so easily addicted to. I found an old (like 1970s) version of boggle in a thrift shop for a quarter - I thought of Peggy and bought it to add to my board game collection. :)

Kate said...

Oh it is a HUGE time suck!!! I have been playing on and off all day!!! And apparently, I'm a pretty bad player for someone who reads quite a bit!!