Monday, July 09, 2007

"Things that make me happy"; Part 2

Ok, welcome to the latest addiction of "things that make me happy". A good way to start off the week, don't you think???

The "For Sale Sign". Yes, it's in front of my house. When we bought this house 8 years ago, I really wanted to take a picture of the sign with a SOLD banner on it. I kept forgetting and then poof, it was gone. Would have been a good way to start a scrapbook, don't you think??? So I took a picture now. This sign signals I am ready for a change and I like that!

Next we have a website, no picture, but there are PLENTY of pictures on this site. Lots of my friends read this, and evidently I am the last person to jump on the bandwagon! I guess because I am not at all interested in the Hollywood glitz and glamour. Sure, I enjoy a good movie, who doesn't, but I don't follow all the premieres and who is sleeping with who, and wearing or not wearing what. But this site is really funny.

Edy's Juice Bars. Hey when it's hot who doesn't enjoy a cold treat from the freezer?? My favorite is the lime and the grape. I am not crazy about the lemonade or the coconut. So for a relatively low calorie treat, you also get a good dose of Vitamin C to boot. Now that's refreshing!

I'm off to do my typical Monday errands now!!! Have a great day!

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Kelly said...

Good luck with moving!