Friday, July 27, 2007

Stress Sucks.

In my next life, I want to be one of those people who loses weight when under stress. You know, not that you want to but at the sign of stress, they stop eating. After a few weeks they look gaunt. Ok, not that I want to look gaunt, in fact I could never look gaunt. (We're not going to walk down the road of how I know, just trust me). This move has made me put on weight. After all I am a stress eater and when I'm stressed there is just no stopping me. I am not happy about this. Not that my figure was that "girlish" to begin with, the term "Rubenesque" comes to mind, but still, how on earth am I going to get rid of this???

So you're saying d'uh. You were an aerobic instructor, your dear friend is a yoga instructor/personal trainer and hey, lay off the cupcakes. Yah, you're right. I'll get there. I just had to vent about it. In my next life I am coming back thin.

Hopefully I will have house news soon. I can't broadcast it quite yet........bad luck and all you know. But soon.

I hope to be in the studio most of the day today and get some new items posted next week!!! I am very pleased with my new creations and this resolution list seems to work for me. Does anyone have anything good to do this weekend????

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