Monday, July 23, 2007


Ok, round two of the posting. I tried earlier and in a matter of a click, poof, gone. Sigh......

So what was I saying?? Oh yah. The HOUSE. It was a mighty interesting weekend to say the least. I had two showings, oh wait, three including the time I showed it to someone. So get this. Everyone loves it. No one, both realtor and "potential buyer" has had a negative thing to say. So, where are my bids?? Come on people! If you love it, and obviously you know the price and it must fit in your budget, bid. What are you waiting for???? It's starting to take it's toll. If by the end of August I do not end up in the funny farm, nothing will put me there! I completely understand why people NEVER move. It's not that they don't want to. They just don't want the hassle. My parents have lived in the same house for FIFTY years!! FIFTY. I get it now. Put down your furniture and STAY!!! There should be classes in this, " Your Easy Peasy Move -Everything You Want and Need To Know And No One Told You!!" . Hmmm......could there be a book in my future?? I just want to say I am very excited about my new home. It is everything I wanted, so don't get me wrong. I would feel better knowing this house will have someone to live in it when I'm there.

I got this card and it just seems to sum up the goings on of late!!

Well, let's get down to business. I set some goals for myself this week. If I blog them, I will do them. For some reason I think you all are going to hold me accountable. It seems to be working for the reading, so let's try it??

1. Blog a post EVERY day this week.
2. Make a piece of jewelry every day this week.
3. Pack SOMETHING every day this week.
4. Finish last knitting project on needles.

5. Take pictures of it all.

I never quite made it into the studio over the weekend. I do have ideas, and pulled all the beads for them, let's see if this week brings me luck!

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Tillman said...

Cool resolutions - can't wait to see all the awesome jewelry that comes out of it!!

And thank you again for all the wonderful goodies = I'm gonna be busy tonight!!!!