Thursday, July 26, 2007

The job is taken.

Well, the cupcakes were a hit and the jobs as "Official Taste Tester" has now been taken by Mark (naturally) and my friend Norma!!! The cupcakes from yesterday met with rave reviews and I love the flexibility of the recipe to allow for variations, like lemon. It is now my standard yellow cake to add to my very small baking repitoire.

Now the movie review. ADORABLE!!!! I loved it. A complete escape and one of my new favorite Disney flix. I'm actually thinking of buying it when it comes out on DVD!!!! It's amazing how a cartoon can make you want to go back to Paris! Has anyone else seen it??? And did anyone else think the head waiter Mustafa looked like Mr. Creosote (one of the Monty Python characters from the restaurant skit from "The Meaning of Life")???

Mr. Creosote


So today, one of the couples who saw our house is COMING BACK!!! I'm thrilled. Trying really hard not to get my hopes up, but nonetheless, THRILLED! Send all your good house buying vibes my way!!!

I'm off to clean up a bit and thewn try to squeeze in some time in the studio!!!


Tillman said...

I'm wishing I lived closer - those cupcakes look very, very yummy!! Definitely gonna need the recipe.

Hope all goes well with your showing tonight!!

Anonymous said...

Good vibes sent your way Katie,
I am wishing for you r for the couple to make an offer tonight.