Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The explanation of my absence.

Sorry it's been so long since an update!! Did you think I went back to IKEA and never came out?? I caught some flack from some of my readers, so I thought I better update!!! :) Are you sick of the 'house" talk already??? I am, so I can imagine you are too!!! I just want a person or persons to love my house, the way I did on the beginning and buy it!! Oh and it couldn't hurt if they were nice too! I did have an "Open House" on Sunday and am waiting to hear if the couple that were interested actually want it. So far, no money has been seen, so I wait...and hope!!

For today I have pictures, pug pictures. You cannot be sick of pug pictures, right?? Most nights Lucy and I go to bed early to watch tv. Mark and I have alot in common, but our choice of television programming is not one. I like short bursts of comedy, History Channel documentaries and PBS. He watches medical dramas, crime dramas and movies with combinations of the above. The other two lugnut pugs stay down on the couch with him wrapped in a blanket, snoring. Sometimes, Lucy and I have a wee snack before bed. Usually candy, and of the "junk variety". I am a "chocolate snob" but when it comes to regular sweets, anything will do, especially of the gummy variety.

Lucy likes gummi bears. No really. I never thought she would eat one. I gave her one once only to see what she would do with it. I didn't think the texture would appeal to dogs, usually they like some "crunch". Keep in mind, I only give her one, but she expects it now, and waits patiently on the bed for her bit of the treat! Last night I got some pictures. It's kind of funny!

"Hmm, is that gummi bears I see??
If I only had opposable thumbs I could open this darn bag!"

She only will eat a red or green one. To me they all taste the same, who knew??
Sorry for the blur, it is hard to take a picture with one hand and feed a dog with the other!

She gives the BEST "stink eye" ever. If looks could kill!!! Ha ha!!

So that's all the news for today, I'll keep y'all posted on the house.


Bertha said...

Oh god, that is hilarious! She has good taste, Haribo Gold Bears are one of my all-time favorite candies! I love German gummies!

Kate said...

Hey B! Aren't German Gummis the BEST?? I had a friend who's hubby was stationed there and she sent me every imaginable kind. Delicious!!

JenW!~ said...

How adorable. What a cutie. How sweet that she likes gummie worms.