Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pictures to share!

Well our house had a showing today!!! Yay (jumping up and down)!! I was told that this is notoriously slow weekend for house buying/viewing as it is the holiday and most people are headed off to the beach! So we took off to the lighthouse to wait it out while the realtor showed out place. And...I actually brought my camera! I need to take more pictures! I have lived around here my whole life, and have many fond memories hanging out by the beach, sitting on the jetty, reading and soaking up the sun, but NO PICTURES! Today I fixed that!

This is the lighthouse on Cedar Point in Scituate.
It is about 10 minutes from my NEW house and it is one of my favorite places around here.

Mark and the girls. Look at my smiling pugs!!!
And it wouldn't be right if I didn't take a picture of some flowers.
These are beach roses that are growing all around the lighthouse! They smelled so heavenly!

Have a terrific weekend! I'll see you next week with MORE new jewelry!! And tomorrow I can start reading my challenge books!!! On your mark, get set, read!!!

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