Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm no joiner.....but.....

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm not a joiner but for some reason feel compelled to join internet groups. First was FlyLady. Then all the knit alongs. For those of you who are not knitters (and I have no idea why you are NOT a knitter to begin with), a knitalong is a group of people who are either knitting the same pattern, or patterns from the same book or are bound together by some other oddity in knitting. There's a million out there, go see for yourself! Next, I decided to host a knit along!! But wait, aren't there other groups to join???

I stumbled upon this group recently, the Book Awards Reading Challenge. Whoa, a "knit along" for readers!!! Or should I say "read along"?? Hmm.....when on earth am I going to have time to read 12 award winning books??? I don't know. Between making jewelry, running the website, selling the house, moving, and knitting, I'd say my plate is pretty full. But I still joined. After all, my first love was really reading and I have been saying for some time now I really need to read more!

I've been looking at all the awards lists and figuring out which books to read. Surprisingly, I have several (maybe all) of the 12 for my list right here, in the spare bedroom closet o' books!!! So not only will get me reading "good stuff" again, it will get me to read what I own!!!

Ok, off to see what else I can join!!!!

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