Saturday, June 09, 2007

Happiness is........

OK, I'm totally over my snarky mood, but judging from some of the comments I have been getting, you LIKE it, you really LIKE it!!! (Read like Sally Field in her "famous" Oscar speech!) But, I guess it is good not to be upbeat and perky all the time. I detest the "permanently perky". I worked with one of those people, and underneath the perkiness was pure unmitigated evil, let me tell you.

So today, my happiness stems from having a clean basement. No I mean clean. I will get pictures, but it was dark and rainy out all day. The morning began by me, crying in my iced coffee, wondering how on earth I was going to clean this mess. I enlisted the help of my hubby Mark, who pitched in with great zeal. Added by the help of the "Pick Up Pros" (no seriously, that is his business name!) to rid the corner of the ever growing "mound of junk". Lucky for me, I caught him right before he left for the day and made MY house his FIRST stop!! Phew. And all this only took TWO HOURS!!! Now if I haven't mentioned this before, FLY LADY works. It was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. Believe me. So go take a minute and check out her site. You can thank me later.

And shh....this next one is a secret. I get a BIG THRILL out of knowing that my move is driving my nosey neighbor across the street Bat S*%T CRAZY!!! Every so often I get this little evil grin thinking about it. And yes, she KNOWS. For one, she saw the real estate agent taking a picture. She was seen peering out the window at her. Next, I told her husband. I needed some documents from them, because we live on a private drive and they are in charge of the road plowing. I know right now he is short a couple of "private parts" (wink) for not asking me where we are moving to. I know she is concerned about WHO will move in so close to her. And I chuckle right now, because she doesn't quite know what is happening!! It makes me positively giddy!! After all, I only have two more months of this and then I will not have them in my life. What will I ever talk about??? :)

So there you have it. I am taking tomorrow off and having lunch with my friend Holly, who is like a sister to me. It will be a much deserved break filled with lots of fun and laughter. Have a great weekend!

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Madame said...

I too *love* FLYlady and knitting. Glad to hear you got the basement all cleared out.