Friday, June 01, 2007

The Grey Mystery Blob.

I think I am slowly going insane I was up in the attic the other day, packing and cleaning, and I spy "something grey and motionless" in the corner. Now keep in mind, my "attic" is basically a crawl space, you need to sit or kneel when you are up there and I was not about to crawl over to check it out. Lucky for me, the "bug guy" was coming today to give a spray. I do NOT want any bugs of any sorts, good or bad, in the vicinity of this house when potential buyers come to look Since they also "take care" of other things besides bugs, I thought I would have him take a look and, if necessary, dispose of it. (Sorry for some reason blogger mixed up the sentances in editing. It makes sense now....)

Keep in mind it was 90 degrees today, and by the time he got here, the house had been in full sun, all morning. It was mighty hot up there and I sent the poor guy to check it out. Safely at the bottom of the stairs, I waited. He yells, "I can see anything up here. It looks good". And I'm thinking, man, are you blind??? The "blob is right in front of you", I yelled back. And then I heard laughter. OK, I didn't expect to hear school girl shrieks from the pest control man, but still, what on earth was so funny about a dead mouse in the corner???

Well, come to find out, I am the one that needs the eye exam!! It was DUST SITTING ON TOP THE INSULATION!!!! No really, a huge harmless dust bunny!!!! Sigh, I hope I move soon before I crack up!!!

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