Sunday, June 24, 2007

Great Space Coaster!

Despite the fact that my stomach has been on a constant state of roller coaster ride since this whole house mishegaas started, last night was Saturday night and we were going out to eat. Why can't I be one of those people who at the slightest stress, they LOSE weight??? I would weigh 90 pounds by now! (Not that I would want to be a mere 90 pounds but 20 pounds less would be lovely!) We decided to go to one of our old standby places which is by the ocean and has wonderful views. Well, it recently changed hands, and thus, has changed names and menu selections. Well, it was only their second night open. On the whole, it was pretty good, but the waitress spilled an entire glass of iced tea all over me BEFORE dinner!!! Nothing like a bath in ice cold tea!! Actually I felt so bad, it was her first day in the new restaurant and she looked like she was ready to cry! Would we go back? Sure, just after some time for them to get used to everything and I will wear something machine washable! I have seen enough restaurant reality shows to know how stressful the opening of a new restaurant is! Speaking of stress.....

Today is our first open house! So everyone, say a prayer to the God or Gods or Goddesses of your choice that we will find a buyer for this place and then take off some of the stress on me! TWO (One - oops this was an error!!) month from today we are moving so the packing begins this week!!! There's one more stressful thing going on this week, but I will wait until I am certain it is going to be a stressor or just a minor inconvenience before I open my mouth!!!

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