Friday, June 01, 2007

Ahh, Friday!!

TGIF!!!! I just had to take a break from cleaning. Today is "Paper Day". Sometimes I amaze myself. All I can say is this, when I was single, I was an excellent record keeper. I found a file box with EVERY statement, bill, car repair printout, sales slip for anything MAJOR (half of which I no longer own)!!! Wow!!! I have been shredding like crazy over here!!!! It is amazing the stuff you keep. I would like to go into this next home, a lean, mean, organized machine. Everything neat and filed and easily accessible. Now I have to work on getting Mark to clean out his papers!!!! That should make for a fun weekend, don't you think??

I think if this move does not make me crazy, I'll be in good shape. Hopefully the stress will make me lose some weight, but since I am a stress eater, I'll be lucky and consider it great if I don't gain!!!!

We're going out tonight for a nice celebratory we're moving dinner!!!! I could use a nice glass of wine. Wow, what a week!!!

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