Thursday, May 03, 2007

Welcome to Green Acres.

"Green Acres is the place to be. Faaaarrmmm livin' is the life for me." OK, OK, I know watering the grass is NOT considered gardening by any means and my nature lovin', flower plantin' friends are making fun of me, but I am plotting a garden. .No seriously, I have been thinking while I water as to what I am going to plant. I '"just might" head to the garden place tomorrow. Never on the weekend when it is too crowded, NO!!! But seriously, the mulch is in, and the yard actually looks nice. Like maybe, just maybe, I might like to spend time out there. Mark is scared. My friends are scared.

OK, off to the store to pick up some overalls and a straw hat!!! Only kidding. Now that would be scary!! More like allergy meds and more supplies!!!

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