Friday, May 11, 2007


That's Lucy showing you her smile and saying TGIF!!!!!! Last night's movie was really great! It was a true story to boot. Made me want to run out and by the book! If it is playing at a theater near you, I highly recommend it!! Or put it in your Netflix queue!! Wow, this was a busy week and next week will be even busier as we leave for DC soon!!! It's a quick trip but one that I will need TWO dressy outfits for, and all the accessories so I need to get all my ducks in a row here!!! I have everything, I think, I just need to get organized!!!

And I guess I am quite funny to Mark and my friends because I think there is a secret pool going around to guess how long my plants will last. Very funny. This is going to be the year I surprise you all. I now have BIG plans to plant tomatoes as well. I'm just a regular Martha!!!!

Ok, time to get moving here. It's errand day!!!

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