Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Trip (The Condensed Version)

OK, I think I am "almost" caught up on everything!!!! Now, I guess you would like to know about the trip. I do have pictures in the works, they are all cropped and edited, I just have to make a little web album for them.

Well, we went to DC on business so there were some really swanky dinners. I met some really nice people and some really BIG blowhards, including one who claimed to be a personal friend of everyone from Emeril to the President!!!! Somehow, I don't think so! It gave us something to laugh at all week!!!

For "touristy" things, I went to the National Zoo which is and always has been excellent. I got some nice views of some animals (my favorites the gorillas and the pandas!), and completely missed others (hey, there is only so much time you can spend walking around in the pollen!) I also went to The Phillips Collection (which ironically is my maiden name, and no, I did not get in for free, dammit) One of my favorite paintings, "Luncheon of the Boating Party" is there and it was so special to go stand in front of it!!! They have a very nice collection with VanGogh, Picasso, Matisse and some of the more modern art including a Rothko room. I have never understood Rothko. What is the draw about a big block of color on a canvas?? So, I bought his essay book in the effort to "understand" it a bit more. I'll let you know how that goes. :)

So let's see, our hotel room was small. No I mean tiny. The bathroom was about as big as a bathroom on a cruise ship, only there was no buffet and I was not floating in the Caribbean. You actually had to turn sideways to walk past the bed and TV cabinet. But, it was clean, so I guess I couldn't ask for much more. I don't think I would stay there again. That has to be the smallest hotel room I have ever stayed in!!!

Oh, I did have a great meal at Kramer's. And you know what they had on the menu??? "Mashed Cauliflower". Now I know only a vegetarian would get so excited over this, but even Mark loved it. Honestly it was so good, I talked about it the entire trip! I even came home and looked up a recipe. (Do you really need a recipe to mash cauliflower??) Anyway, I guess it is the new "low carb" alternative to mashed potatoes. So, go plant cauliflower in your garden!!!! I also treated Mark to an artery clogging meal at Five Guys, a place known for their burgers. They also have AMAZING fries!!!!

So there you have it, my trip in a nutshell. I work on the pictures later, now it's time for lunch! All that talk about food has made me hungry!

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