Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Minor Help Needed

Well, we have a minor "crisis" over here today. Now it is really not so bad in the great scheme of life, but still. This morning I awoke to a "blemish" (which is just a kind word for BIG honkin' zit) the size of Mt. Etna on my nose. RIGHT ON THE TIP!!! Who is humming "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". Raise your hand! Normally this is not a cause for great alarm, but, this weekend we are flying down to DC to a big "event" for Mark. One of those events, fancy cocktail attire, meeting his colleagues who I have never met before, expensive dinners (paid by THEM), you know the kind. And here I sit, ready to erupt at any second. Warn the villagers, thar' she blows. I laugh about this, but I need some serious help! Does anyone have a sure fire remedy for this, other than wearing a bag on my head?? Leave me a comment!

I'll just stare at these daisies until it all goes away!!!

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