Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Later that day.....

I know you all are very worried that my nose is going erupt and fall off my face, just in time for the big soiree in DC. Fear not, because while I was at the hair salon having my hair coiffed (which is a cut and color!!) the mountain grew BIGGER!! Maybe it was the dryer, that lightened my hair AND managed raise the "blemish" to catastrophic proportions, I don't know. As I casually mentioned it to my dear stylist who I KNOW was staring at it, she told me about the wonderful esthetician there.

Like a sign from above, she had a cancellation right at the time I was done with my hair. (No really, I saw the schedule book!) I was in need of a facial anyway, so now my skin is a smooth as silk and the "blemish" has been whipped into the size of a very small foothill!!!! She assured me that by tomorrow it would be gone and I am under strict orders to moisturize MORE!!! Yes ma'am. No honestly it was one of the BEST facials I have ever had and cheaper than I ever expected! (But it was on Mark anyway!)

Phew, I feel so much better!!!! :)

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