Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well, two solid days of 90 degree weather, three push in face (ie. brachycephalic for you "medical people") dogs and a person with a low tolerance for heat do not mix. I sat around today doing nothing but contemplate the "mysteries of the universe", plotting new projects and watching "National Lampoon's Vacation" on TV Land. To us Bostonians, three days of 90+ heat equals a heatwave. We're one day shy!!!!

But I need to tell you this, be afraid, be very afraid. I BOUGHT PLANTS!!! Yes, Norma, REAL PLANTS!!! Three hanging geraniums for the back deck. They look smashing I might add. They seem to be the only things enjoying the heat!!! I'll try to get a picture before they die!

Oh and I got some books too. The new Susan Vreeland novel just came out. It is called "Luncheon At The Boating Party" and named after one of my favorite Renoir paintings. Coincidentally, it is located at the Phillips Collection in Washington DC. A mere couple of blocks from where I will be staying next week!!! Can you feel the excitement as I drag Mark to yet another art museum????

I'm off to the "girl's night at the movies" tonight to see "The Hoax"!! Review tomorrow!

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