Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Garden Bug

Happy Wednesday!!! Can you believe it is May already? Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. Between watering the new grass, cleaning the house and starting the day with a migraine, it sure was a busy one!!! I didn't have to water the new lawn this morning because it rained last night! I have never been so happy to see rain in my life.

Every year around this time, I get bitten by the gardening bug. One year I even bought a gardening book!!! Bwhahaha. Usually it is all talk, but this year just might be the year I plant something. Yes friends, a real live plant. Usually, I have a very lovely bucket of silk "geraniums" on the front step with a beautiful bow tied on it. Talk about low maintenance!! But with the new landscaping, I actually have flower beds in my back yard. Once they are mulched, I just might plant a garden and something I have always wanted, an herb garden. Some of my friends are very scared I might actually go through it!!! One is lighting candles for the protection of my poor little plants in the hopes they live!! I am not known for my green thumb! Any ideas on good hearty (I cannot emphasize that enough) flowers??? My backyard gets the morning sun, and the front gets the afternoon. I welcome all gardening tips! Look for garden pictures coming to a blog near you!!!

A message to my husband: There you go Mark, I updated! Are you happy now?? You must have too much free time at work to be emailing me about the blog!!!! :)

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