Monday, May 07, 2007

Do YOU like Mondays???

Well, I figure I should post something today, since it has been three whole days without a post, and the "blog police" might come after me!! :) Happy Monday, or is it??? Some people don't like Mondays, me, I don't mind them anymore now that I work from home. At my last job, I would have to be at work at 5:15. That's AM people. Talk about a downer. I have always been a morning person but that takes the cake. And the icing, it was at a gym and there were actually people sitting in their cars waiting to workout!!!! They got there at 5, just in case I got there early!!! And most of them were retired so you can't even say they had to got to work from the gym. I needed alot of coffee to face that in the morning!!!

The sun was shining today, and I was up early, getting stuff done. I even finished TWO knotted necklaces, and am working on another. Hopefully I can snap some pictures tomorrow and post them. I have another bracelet to post as well!! I even had time this afternoon to sit on the deck with the girls and knit a bit. Here we are sitting in the sun!!!

OK, I'm off now to try and work on the necklace a bit before Dancing With The Stars comes on. I'm giving Billy Ray one more week and then if he doesn't get the boot, I'm not watching any more. There I've said it! Honestly, he is making me doubt the credibility of the show, and the sanity of his fans. Until tomorrow.......

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the girls look adorable!!!!!! miss you write soon