Thursday, May 10, 2007

And I missed it!!!

OK, all I have to say is the ONE time I decide NOT to go to the "opening" of the Boston Pops, this happens!!!! Of course it is ALL over the local news, with lots of funny commentaries by Fox 25, but it seems to have made national news as well. I don't know if some of you remember my posts on the old blog (which seems to have disappeared off the face of the web!!) about the people that attend these "gala" events, but you see some pretty amazing sights. Although I have yet to see a fist fight over a seat!!!! Just think of it as extra added entertainment!!! Culture with a side of boxing!

Well, I feel a shopping trip to the bookstore coming on!!! There seems to be lots of good new releases now, just in time for summer reading!!!! And as an extra bonus, I have COUPONS!!!!

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