Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wow! I am amazed at all the work I got done yesterday. Computer stuff, jewelry, getting more beads ready for today, even a load of laundry!!! :) After all, isn't there ALWAYS laundry??? And I'm up and ready to get started early today, after another cup of coffee of course!!!

I'm ready for spring and apparently the weather is NOT going to cooperate! We are supposed to have SNOW on Thursday. Naturally, the weather men get everyone all in a tizzy for a few flakes. But you never know. After all the Blizzard of 78 was predicted to be a snow squall. Heh. The BEST thing about spring snows is that they don't last!

Has anyone seen "Blades of Glory" yet??? I know it looks so STUPID and I have not liked the last couple of Will Ferrel movies BUT for some reason I think this one is good. Any thoughts????

So since my posts are short this week, here's a photo to stare at while I work! Again taken by my friend Nui, this time in Victoria, B.C. LOVE those flower pictures my friend!

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