Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where's the snow??

OK, our snowstorm turned into nothing! I'm happy about that as shovelling the driveway was not on my list of "fun things to do" today! The weathermen can't predict yesterday's weather, let alone tomorrow's! The winds are picking up and we are supposed to have rain. Which is fine by me. Nothing like a good rainy day in the studio!!

Last night, my dear friend Norma and I went to see "Blades of Glory". We both agreed, if it was awful we would leave. Come to find out it was funny!!! Like I have said, the last few Will Ferrell movies I saw, I didn't like. Definitely not a n academy award winner, but not the worst thing I have seen either. Pure fluff. Lots of skating stars made cameos in it too! And I will say NOTHING of the ride home Norma!!! Let's just say it involved a favorite song on the radio **wink wink**!!!

Time to finish my coffee, and get to work!!!

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