Saturday, April 28, 2007

Where's the party????

So yesterday, we had a little birthday party!!! Lucy and Muzzy actually share the same birthday!!! No really, same breeder, different stock, but none the less the same day. Talk about a coincidence. Well, if Lucy could talk she would tell you how utterly disgusted she is with Muzzy, having to share everything with her, not to mention her special day!!

I made party hats. Yes, really. OK, it was raining out and I was kind of bored so I went to town with the felt. I still need to make a third one for Gillie, but I have a month to finish it up. Lucy does not enjoy her hat, as you can see.....
Muzzy enjoys hers. But bear in mind she is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, so if she is part of the action, she is happy!!!

Today I made an AWESOME necklace. I'll post it next week, after I take a picture and such, but you are going to LOVE it. I am making one for ME as well. It is bright, happy, and well just plain fun!!! I also have a few more design ideas up my sleeve for necklaces. I don't often make them often, because well, I don't wear them. And I don't make anything I wouldn't wear myself. But, they are starting to grow on me!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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