Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Walk Out

Well, I did something yesterday I have never done before. I walked out of a movie. Yes, that's right, I up and left, and so did Mark. What did I see?? "Year of the Dog". OK, it started out sad, as it was the story of a woman who lost her best friend, a beagle named Pencil. My heart strings tugged just a wee bit because I had beagles growing up, and there is a soft spot in my heart for them. There always will be. But it was supposed to be funny. Well sorta funny, a kind of romantic comedy, according the the trailer. WRONG. There was alot of things wrong with this movie. The total lack of plot, lack of character development and some bad acting, but the worst offender was it "hidden agenda".

Remember, I am a vegetarian. I have NO problem with others eating meat. No really, I don't. As long as you don't make me eat it, tell me I need to eat it, or lecture me about it, I will not lecture you! It's a promise. But the movie, really had animal rights shoved down your throat. I know what goes on, I think most people do. I am very sensitve to abused animals. I'm all about saving shelter animals, and I applaud everyone who does, but this movie insisted on showing dogs about to be euthanized in cages, talked non stop about animal testing, talked non stop about cruelty in the meat industry, veganism, etc. The one thing that really stuck with me, was how this "convert" to the whole animal rights movment went above and beyond to try to convert her niece and nephew at a very young age. In one scene she was going to take a six year old to a chicken processing plant. Can anyone say "child abuse"??? It was too much for me to bear. I had to go, and fast. I practically ran up the aisle. And I had a migraine the rest of the day from being upset. Certainly not my idea of fun. So in my opinion, the worst movie EVER.

Let's see, the landscapers arrived bright and early this morning (YAY) to work on the yard and move bushes, trim the LARGE pine trees in the backyard. I completely forgot to take some before and after pictures, so there will just be "after" pictures!!! It completely amazes me how quickly they can rip trees down and get stuff done. OK, time for some coffee!! Happy Monday!!!

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