Friday, April 27, 2007


Today I am the lady in waiting. Anticpating packages that have yet to arrive and I want them NOW. But patience is a virtue, so I must wait. What am I waiting for??? Yarn, naturally. Infamous "Socks That Rock" yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. From all the blogs on knitting, this stuff truly does "rock". Now why won't it get here and rock my world? I am also waiting for new scents from BPAL (That's Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab to you novices - link to the right) I LOVE this stuff. It is so addicting and great smelling. Every vial is hand blended so again, patience is a virtue and it is really worth the wait. Sigh. But again, I want it NOW. And one more thing, an book order. their shipping has always been slow for me. I don't know why.

Now you'd think from reading this, I have no yarn, perfume, or books to read. Oh no, I do. It's the thrill of a new package fresh from the mail box. Will it be everything they claim. I sure hope so!!

Other than that, it's a rainy day outside and just perfect for curling up with a good book. I think I will go do that now. While I wait..............

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