Thursday, April 19, 2007


What's that bright object in the sky?? SUN??? I believe it is trying to poke through the cloud cover!!!! Oh JOY!!!!! Yesterday was a total wash out. Literally. I haven't had a migraine in months. No really, it has been great, and yesterday I felt like I was clubbed over the head. With a VERY LARGE club and ALL the migraine symptoms. It was not fun. At least it was nice and dark out with the rain, and all and I didn't have to deal with the bright sunshine. Mental note: Do NOT try to knit lace when you cannot focus. I had to rip out about 5 inches and I was none too pleased with myself!!! And why was I knitting you might ask?? I am not one to just sit and do nothing. I couldn't focus to read, the TV hurt my eyes, and I can knit blindfolded and in the dark. Well apparently NOT yesterday!

So today is a new day and let's focus on that! I put new jewelry up in the Shop!! Feel free to go check it out!!! I should have MORE next week. I know the pickings have been slim lately and I'm working to correct that! I have a nice hot cup of Dunkin coffee and am going to try to re knit what I ripped out yesterday! I'm also in a jewelry making mood! It's gonna be a great day!!

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