Friday, April 20, 2007

Spinning My Wheels

So much I wanted to get done today, and so much I did not. It's just another day of running like a giant gerbil on a wheel, going no place fast. Another day of the migraine. This stinks. It just does.

I did, and are you ready for this, got all the cards I will need for the next month, AHEAD OF TIME, today. I'm sure Mark will never let me live it down the time I ran out ON Valentine's day to buy him a card. Let me tell you the story, so you can see it is NOT MY FAULT. OK, we decided one year, no gifts or cards on Valentine's. THAT morning, he presented me with the cutest card before he left for work. See, he thought I got him one anyway. WRONG. So, in a fit of panic I ran to the card shop with all the other crazies (mostly men) trying to find something. Anything remotely decent. Well all that was left were over the top, so sugary your insulin level raises just holding it, and well, schmaltzy ones. I bought one, hey, what was I to do. To this day we still laugh over it. Not that I didn't mean it, but I am just not a mushy kind of girl. So today, I am caught up on Mother's Day, SIL birthday, Dad's birthday, etc. And the Mother's Day present is being shipped to me now, as we speak. Phew. Oh, I also looked at the new Vera Bradley bag styles and colors. How could I not, they were all over the store. I am so tempted. It's not like a need a new bag or anything, but the colors are wonderful!

Well, I guess I did accomplish something. I also stopped at the Post Office. Did you see they are raising the rates, AGAIN??? OK, enough chat. The minute Mark comes home we are going out for Mexican food!! YUMMY!!! I did read someplace that margaritas will cure a headache!! Oh wait, that was bring ON a headache. Oh well, I am having one anyway!!

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