Sunday, April 01, 2007

Show and Tell

Here's my new bracelet I made for myself. I have to admit, this one I LOVE and I am NOT parting with it. The lampwork "Eye of Horus" talisman by Amber Van Meter is perfect in every way. Click on the link to see all of Amber's wonderful work! It all started out because I found several really nice strands of smokey topaz in my stash, purchased way back when I only did gemstone work. Well, it just so happens smokey topaz is back in vogue again. I even got to use one of the awesome silver beads that were purchased for me in Thailand by my friend Nui! I think I really should use more gems in my work, don't you think??

Since I will be going to see the Tut exhibit this fall and have always wanted to be an archaeologist, until my career path was changed, I thought this is a very fitting piece of jewelry for me! I will be wearing out to dinner tonight when Mark and I go to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my anniversary of leaving the "cult" (oops I meant my last job!!!) Two years!!! It seems like a lifetime ago!!!! It's so nice to finally love my job again!!! Have a pleasant Sunday whatever you do!!

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