Monday, April 16, 2007

The Monday Blues

Well, it's a magical day around here. Thankfully, we did not lose power for very long so all the frozen food is safe and unspoiled in the freezer, and my cable is working so I can update!! In the middle of the night, the winds were so bad, I could have sworn I heard a tree go down in the woods. All are still standing come the morning. But, it seems some sort of weird sickness has taken over the house. Mark doesn't feel well (nothing worse than a sick man, am I right??) and we spent yesterday evening in the Urgent Care clinic with Muzzy (the baby of the puggy pack).

Apparently, she has some sort of upper respiratory thing happening, and I wanted to catch it before it turned into an ugly infection. She's on little puggy steroids and nasal spray (yes you can give nasal spray to a dog, but it ain't easy!!). I also have her lounging in a steamy warm bathroom a few times a day. That means I am in the steamy warm bathroom with her, reading.

It seems to be brightening up out there, the marathon is on the TV, and I am looking for a place to curl up and hide.

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