Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Thursday!

OK, time for an update. You know it is time to update your blog when your husband comes home from work and says, "Are you ever going to update that blog thing again soon"???? "Duly noted. Well, I seem to be getting some energy back, partly in thanks to some vitamins. I now have promised myself to take them on a REGULAR basis.

So, this week, I discovered "Webkins". No, I did not buy any...and I won't after the beanie baby blowout a few years ago. But I was in the card shop on Monday and heard kids screaming, "They HAVE THEM"and started running through the store. Have what?? Aerosmith tickets, what??? Well apparently these little guys are HARD. TO. COME. BY (like the beanie babies) and my good friend was looking for them for her kids. I feel bad. I should have gotten some., That's what I get for leaving my cell phone home and turned off. Sorry about that!! I'm sure the shop will get them again and it's right next to Whole Foods (my favorite haunt) so I can drop in again to check!!!

So let's see what else??? Not much... I'll check in again tomorrow!!!!

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