Wednesday, April 04, 2007

All Better!!!

OK, today is working out a bit better. No, MUCH better. (BIG sigh here) The dryer is fixed, the lost package has been found thanks to the hard work of Mike at the Norwell Post Office. Now, there's a postal worker who does his job and then some. (Note to self, buy Mike a Dunkin' gift card.) My yarn order arrived yesterday which helped take the edge off things. Nothing like a package in the mail to cheer you up! So, this afternoon while waiting for the plumber to come fix the dryer vent, I began designing a pattern for the new yarn. Sea silk yarn (yes, it is actually seaweed) and lace equals wonderful. (Another sigh here) So there you have it, everything is all better. :)

I thought I would post this picture of a gorgeous orchid emailed to me by my dear friend Nui, who took this while he was in Thailand. He knows I love pictures of flowers!!! This will definitely brighten up my very grey and rainy day. I even think I saw a snowflake flit by the window. No it MUST be my imagination. Snow in April?? Anything is a possibility in New England!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, love reading your journal. You have a funny way about you in writing. I think the picture looks better when posted on your website. This was taken at my friend-Prasong's house. He has a "constant gardener" who comes everyday to take good care of his garden. We stayed with him for a week. It is a very beautiful house set in the orchards surrounding.
I will see you on April 19-21 okay?
My dear friend Jody passed away and I will attend his memorial service at the Kabbalah center Brookline on April 22 then fly back home that day. xoxo nui