Wednesday, March 21, 2007

World Gone Mad????

Remember yesterday when I was saying the world has gone mad?? I was surfing about today and I found this article. And then this one. (Sorry for the broken link - I just fixed it!!)I tell ya, even first class is not safe any more!!! Makes me glad I don't fly all that often!!!

And then I moved from news to a more pleasant subject, art, and saw this. (OK, the object does not have a page to itself, but it is the square silver ring with the (gulp) bits of fingernail in it)

Is it just me, or does that just nauseate you a wee bit????

** Disclaimer**
I really do not like to comment on other's art, especially jewelry. Or art in general. Taste is subjective and while I may enjoy a painting, others will look at it and question my taste level. I showed this to Mark, he agrees it is gross. I am not even going to tell you what it reminds me of. Other than that, her jewelry is gorgeous and I would LOVE a pair of her earrings sans hair, skin and fingernails!!!

OK, no more surfing the net for me!!!

Now Mark just said, why do I need to write about such things?? He feels my readers would be more interested to hear how wonderful he is!!! Shall I write about him tomorrow?? I am laughing really hard right now, I cannot continue typing.

Have a pleasant day!!!


Anonymous said...

Mark's right. We'd love to her about him! Fingernails in jewelry- that was gross

Kate said...

Oh Helen, please don't feed his ego!!!! :)

And did you see the ring with the skin???? EW. That's all I can say!!!

Anonymous said...

EWWW is what i can say. about the jewelry
If you have a good husband - you should feed his ego!!