Friday, March 16, 2007

Today I am....

A Domestic Goddess!!! Right now, I have a home made Irish Soda Bread in the Oven, Laundry in the washer AND dryer (thank you very much) and have started working on my Guinness and Beef pies for tomorrow night's "Irish Feast"! In between all that, I am working on my knitting, returning emails, and tidying up the joint. It's only 10:15! Hopefully I will be really, really tired tonight. I have been sleeping very poorly these last few nights and I am someone who doesn't do well if I don't sleep. I'm afraid I have been very cranky lately!!! Yes, I have tried everything short of a prescription sleeping pill. If it keeps up, I just might have to resort to that!! Anyone have any good all natural sleeping cures????

I am going to try to list the new items today (fingers crossed) among other things!! I will post a notice here when I do!! Oh and yes, the VH1 station is back on, without the aid of the cable guy. It mysteriously kicked back on sometime Wednesday evening. Maybe they reset the cable from their main office, who knows, but I can watch my shows again!!!

OK, the bread is done and time to bake the beef pie filling!!!! TGIF!!!

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