Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sunny Saturday

Happy Happy Saturday!!! Today, I got some oh so fun household stuff done. No one likes to do that, especially on a sunny Saturday, but it had to be finished. And the studio looks so much better without all the dog hair in it!!! I have the new Joss Stone CD on, and I'm getting ready to get into the studio and work. I think I might be totally "selfish" today and make some stuff for me. Usually, it either gets purchased right off my wrist (or neck), or I end up posting it on the website and it goes out the mailbox, or to the Gallery. Not that I am complaining about that, but I do need to wear my own stuff, right???? I was also contemplating heading outdoors for a bit since it is such a gorgeous day, and it is supposed to snow tomorrow (there's that nasty four letter word again). Whatever I do, it will be an enjoyable afternoon! I hope you have fun today too!!!!

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