Friday, March 09, 2007

On the Radio.....

Oh I LOVE the internet! Remember all the whining I have been doing about not going to Crufts this year?? Even though it was MY decision and all, now that it is here, I feel like I am missing out. It's not like there won't be another one NEXT year, right?? Well, on the Birmingham section of the BBC website, there is a logo for Crufts FM, the radio broadcast of the dog show!! I clicked on it and sure enough, I can hear it right from my computer!!! Oh joy!!! It's been on all day! And guess what??? You can send them emails with pictures of your dog, and they read it on the air so this morning, Muzzy and I were on the radio!! Muzzy was on international radio wishing all the UK pugs "Good Luck" on their event on Sunday!!! Here is the picture I sent in:

And for today's inspiration, I received my exhibition catalog for the new King Tut exhibit!! We will be going in September to Philadelphia to see it (that is the closest city where the tour stops to me). I wanted the catalog now for two reasons. One, so I can study it before hand, and two, so I don't have to lug it around the city and home. Art books are notoriously LARGE and HEAVY! This one is BOTH!! Wow, that would weigh more than all the goods in my suitcase!!! The catalog itself is wonderfully done, and I can't wait to sit down and actually read it! There is some gorgeous jewelry in it, and I just might try to make some Egyptian themed pieces. After all, I need to be well accessorized for the exhibit!

Well, back to work. One thing is for sure, listening to the broadcasts in the studio has kept me in there working!!! Have a great Friday!!!

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