Friday, March 30, 2007

A new snack!

I was shopping at Whole Foods (my favorite hang out) and I found something I thought I would never get to eat again. Skyr It is delicious!! If you like yogurt, this stuff is great and very nutritious. (And it's O% fat for you low fat junkies). Click on the link to find out about it. Yes, it is in Icelandic, so use the English button to the left of the page! I ate this every morning while we were in Iceland. That was my favorite trip of all time. I would go back there in a heart beat (If I ever get my pictures put onto digital format, I will share them with you!) That little cup of Skyr brought back such fond memories!

I even shared my fist cup with Gillie, who, as you can see, really liked it.

PS. if you do get some, add some sugar to it. It is not sweetened. I like mine unsweetened but most people use sugar!PS. Muzzy has decided she loves it now too. We just shared a blueberry flavor and it was DELICIOUS!!! And the Icelandic word for blueberry is "blaberjum". I love that!

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