Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My "Fantastic" Supper.

I must confess, my lack of a decent night's sleep has made me a tad witchy with a b. I am like Lucy in this picture and I just want to hide. Sometimes she hides under my vanity table. She blends in don't you think???

I keep sitting down and typing these blog posts about how I feel and what is currently pissing me off at the moment. Shall I?? Nah, you don't want to hear it, or do you??? Honestly, I was talking to my buddy on the phone last night telling her sometimes I just sit at the kitchen table and think "what (the you know what) is going on here"??? Is the world gone mad???? It's a long story but ever wonder what motivates people to do the wacky things they do????

So, I will just talk about food. Last night was obviously NOT the time to try a new recipe. It failed miserably! I have been dying for Swedish Meatballs, but as a vegetarian, this is not possible. Or is it??? I can do a pretty good job and substituting and getting the texture and flavor without the actual meat. Until today. At Whole Foods, I found "Gimme Lean" veggie hamburg meat in a tube. OK, it is more appealing than it sounds. The "sausage" of this brand is very tasty. Standing there, pondering about the lack of sausage and what I was going to make for supper, the light bulb went on. What if I make Swedish meatballs with this. Sweet. I spent the afternoon rearranging recipes and ingredients to create a fantastic meatless meal. Oh, I could have not have been more wrong. I thought the meatballs were tasty but the sauce was downright gross. Mark however, liked the noodles with the sauce, but not the meatballs. I then did what I never do, threw way the leftovers. I feel so cheated, like I could have a nice Cadbury candy bar and a cup of tea to make up for the lack of decent meal. After all, Cadbury has milk in it and milk is good for you. Right??? I know, it is like trying to justify candy corn is a vegetable.

OK, enough about food. Back to work to work I go.

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