Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Retrograde Strikes Again!

Well, it is now Wednesday and my blogging or lack thereof has been dismal this week. Funny, from reading other people's blogs (OPB!! HA!) I see the Mercury in Retrograde is getting around. I told you from the start this was going to be a whopper of a retrograde. Not a time to start anything new, and communication at best, misconstrued no matter what the meaning. It is best to keep your head down, thoughts to yourself and "go with the flow". Not that I am a "go with the flow kind of gal" but hey, I try.

Tomorrow's update is all set...that means NEW JEWELRY for YOU!!! I'll post it early in the am so you can take a break from your work and check it out!!! Today I even worked on MORE while I watched old "Alice" reruns. I have always loved that show. I wish all the episodes will be put on DVD, but for now you have to live with the "TV Favorites" disc.

So, that's about it......until tomorrow!!!

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