Monday, February 19, 2007

The lost week.

OK, I'm sitting here at the computer, thinking I really should update this blog. It's been quite a week here, and while I will spare you the gross medical details, I do not wish that flu on my worst enemy. Well, I take that back, there is ONE person I would love to see bent over the toilet bowl!!! :) (hee hee) Oops, I must remember to watch my tongue while Mercury is in retrograde. That being said, I WILL be getting a flu shot next year.

So in between reruns on Lifetime TV, books about the Irish Mob and "girlie vampire romance" novels, I had a visit from the Creative Muse. I enjoy her visits, for they have been so infrequent lately. She gave me a big slap on the side of my head and while my head was reeling from the blow, she filled it with wonderful ideas. I promptly got a notebook and wrote them all down! And I love the ideas she came up with for me! There will be a collection of Spring-themed necklaces this week because I am so ready for Spring now. The weather is positively FREEZING and my back yard is reminiscent of a glacial ice field. There will also be a few new bracelets in pretty pink tones as well.

Now I need to go back to work and finish all the projects on my work bench. Look for the new collection, new bracelets, and new pictures of stuff I have been making that does not involve yarn or beads later in the week!!! I'm getting everyone's packages ready for the Post Office tomorrow morning so they will be on their way soon!!!

And one more thing, I really should publicly thank my husband Mark for going above and beyond the call of duty helping me out while I was sick. He made his own meals without complaining, came home from work at lunchtime to feed the pups and take them out in the freezing cold so I wouldn't have to, and ran all my crazy errands without question, all while working his own job. Thank you so much!! You get my vote for "husband of the year"!

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